Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! =) I’m not quite sure how to do these ‘About Me’ sections so I’m going to wing it.
I grew up in Northern California and even after I finished USAF boot camp and Tech School Training I was luckily enough to get Nor Cal as my base station. I’m not serving the military any more, BUT my husband still is. We decided that it “LOOKED” better for the man to be working than the one to be a stay at home parent. We hate people chatter so we worked it out that way. I do not in the least bit mind because I LOVE being a stay at home mommy and wife because I don’t have to miss ANYTHING!! First walk, first burp, first baby fart lol, first EVERYTHING! and I don’t have to stress myself out wondering if I’m going to get deployed any time soon.
I’m 25 and I have a wonderful hyperactive baby boy. Maybe I should stop calling him baby since he’s about to turn 2 on the 18th of Oct. 2011. Anyways, his name is ACE aka Lil Spades. I’m happily married since Aug 2008. And the man that is stuck with me and my overly obsessive AND excessive book addiction is Matthew aka Biggy Spades, Man Spades, Boss Spades, Daddy Spades LOL it’s still under discussion on what his title should be ;o)
I like to read Teen/Young Adult Literature with a dash of Middle Grade from time to time. I like YA books because they are more entertaining to read as well as I am still young at heart. Sometimes I act like it too, just to annoy my husband =) Keep him on his toes per se.

7 Little known facts about me:
  • I can fry anything but I can’t cook-cook hahaha
  • I can bake to my hearts content
  • a movie-buff (spend a lot of money on tickets & DVDs)
    Thank goodness for Netflix & On Demand
  • I am a Starbucks Addict (who isn’t right)
  • White Chocolate is my favorite
  • I am a closet Grease & Cry Baby Fan LOL shhh it’s a secret!
  • I buy more books than I can read =)

Still curious? Still have questions?
You can also reach me by email at: SpadesHighReads(at)gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

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